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Aggarwal Public School, Ballabgarh
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Aggarwal Public School, Blb run by Aggrawal Vidya Pracharini Sabha(AVPS, Blb) for over 25 years has transformed the landscape not just in physical terms but also in other fields of development including spiritual, intellectual and mental. Aps, Blb provides all its students with basic needs to cope with the competition and a progressive and comprehensive academic curriculum supported by co-curricular activities.

Various innovations in learning process like play way methods for teaching children upto Primary section, Computer literacy from class I has been introduced. Different innovative ideas are implemented to reduce the burden of bags and to enhance quality learning.

At Aggarwal  Public School Blb, we believe that when education is force fed, the learners begin to despise classroom learning, home work and examinations. Under CCE pattern of education, involvement of students is given a priority in every class room activity being held in school campus or in the class room. Development of mind, body & spirit is the overall aim of APS blb. IT is ensured that no stone is left unturned in the path of individual transformation of character & personality.
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